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I am Kimberly, Founder, Reed Development Group. Thank you for exploring our services and more importantly, how we serve our clients. Our clients are what makes us so special and position us to be a powerful and positive force for change in Diversity, Equality and Inclusion.


Reed Development Group is a nationally recognized resource and thought leader in advancing diversity in multiple industries through innovative strategies, world-class customized training curriculums, interactive sessions and research. Our global presence with the help of our strategic partners and wealth of extraordinary talent helps us to fulfill our purpose, collaborate with organizations to increase revenue, by building, developing and retaining top diverse talent. Importantly, ensuring that Women and People of Color have a trajectory to the C-Suites of today’s most iconic brands and influential organizations.


Our purpose lives in everything we do, from services that build trust and confidence in diversity, equality and inclusion to our work in training and developing phenomenal leaders, and our award winning transformational speaking segment. It gives us rocket fuel and inspires us to go from great to exceptional.


That is why at Reed Development Group, we welcome potential clients to be inquisitive and challenge convention; be the organization who “never stops learning and growing.”


And remember, while you are exploring have some fun while you are here. It is apart of the experience.


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Please note: Our deepest regrets, due to the content and discussion sensitivity, and client confidentiality of our diversity trainings, we are unable to show videos of our sessions.

Kimberly S. Reed M.Ed., CDP


  • Global Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Strategist

  • Certified Diversity Practitioner

  • Nationally Recognized Thought Leader

  • Award Winning International Speaker

  • Top Rated Corporate and Leadership Facilitator & Trainer

  • Author (Highly anticipated new book coming January 2021– HCI Communications, Distributed by Simon & Schuster)


Creator, Recruiter’s Diversity Innovation Boot Camp: Supercharge Your Diverse Talent Strategies for the 21st Century

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

“Diversity in companies needs to be Deliberate, Innovative, Valued, Seen, Learned and Evolutionary.”

– Kimberly S. Reed

We successfully turn around troubled global talent organizations, diversity and inclusion practices, enhance, design or develop organizational DE&I strategies and shape high-performing diverse cultures at some of the world’s most influential global organizations and universities. 


We have proven results in positioning diversity, equality and inclusion, talent acquisition, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), key business stakeholders, global executive diversity councils and senior HR leadership as strategic business partners, while working collaboratively with multiple levels of the organization to drive significant business results through, diversity, equality, inclusion, development, retention, diverse talent deployment and management.




Diversity is Action & Innovation ©

Diversity is not a corrective action. We must stop creating and integrating it as such. It is astute business. Diversity has POWER – morality, human capital, innovation, revenue, performance & competitiveness. 

Inclusion is Equality not Exception ©

When we practice INCLUSION and embrace our differences, we open the door to utilizing those unique differences as part of our competitive advantage. 


Some of the world’s most influential organizations that we serve, past and present include:

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Cutting-Edge Training and Development

We work with organizations of all sizes to create high-impact learning experiences, which provide an intensive learning experience. This enables participants from an organization to come together and strengthen their leadership skills, create alignment around goals across business functions, expand their perspectives, and address critical business challenges.

  • The #PowerTalk: Leadership vs. Influence

  • The Power of Your Corporate Dash: Your Legacy of Leadership

  • The Equation to Success D+E+I= #Culture

  • Inclusive Leadership: Leading the Culture and Empowering an Industry

  • New World New Bias: Post COVID19


Our learning is an interactive process of discussion, reflection, discovery, knowledge and application. Participants develop their knowledge and skill individually and in groups, through processes of analysis and collaboration that reflect the challenges of business, leadership, performance, teams and clients. 


Custom sessions, assessments and programs give your organization powerful tools for ensuring that employees have the leadership skills and professional/career development that your organization needs to navigate today's rapidly changing cultures, emotional/cultural intelligence, build and sustain competitive advantage, and achieve profitable growth. 

Our cutting-edge, experiential and interactive sessions will catapult your executive teams, management teams, employees and university students from great to exceptional.


We also partner with leading Executive and Life Coaches to complement our session experiences for learning sustainability and accountability. 

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McConnell & Jones, one of the largest African American owned CPA firms in the US, and Reed Development Group, a nationally recognized resource and thought leader in advancing diversity, equality and inclusion has formed a strategic alliance, Kaleidoscope to innovatively approach organizational diversity performance metrics.

The World Class Experience

An Interactive Diversity Boot Camp for Recruiters

  • Recruiters will bring “Challenging Requisitions” to the session for valuable resources, activities and tips on how to fill them.

  • Identify and educate recruiters on key barriers to help them discern top diverse channels of talent sources.

NEW Understand the new PIVOT for recruiters and new hires POST COVID19.

  • Learn innovative solutions for branding and maximizing non-traditional social media techniques to identify and attract top talent.

  • Cultivate top diverse talent communities, systems and key networks to strengthen your diverse talent pipeline with innovation and speed.

  • Identify cultural and hiring biases’ barriers for diverse talent.

  • Learn and leverage ingenious sourcing and relationship channels, and strategies to attract top diverse talent at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and colleges/universities through programs, administration and faculty.

Kimberly S. Reed,

Keynote Speaker and Session Leader for the 2019 Diversity and Inclusion Conference, Chamber of Commerce

Southern New Jersey 


Virtual, Media & Presentation Training

By Request Only

Using some of the same innovative and progressive concepts in our popular media and presentation training sessions we focus on listening, observing and personal interaction with our clients to help them with platform presentation skills, content, delivery, media presentation (television, radio and editorial interviews), interacting with the media, speaking dynamics, keynote addresses, performance reviews and overall facilitation skills.  


We work with retired athletes, entertainers, executives and professionals.


What we teach our clients can be applied in any presentation format. Effective media training is hard work and will take you out of your comfort zone, in a great way. We offer candid and balanced critiques to our clients; we take time to review reels, videos, and in-person presentations. We have LOTS of fun as well!

Kimberly Reed.jpg

Advocate. Activist. Thought Leader

Executives in Residence


Erica D. Bennett, M.Ed.

Executive in Residence

Keith D. Ellison, MBA

Executive in Residence

“There’s so many limits that are put on little girls and especially on little girls of color – that they’re not capable, that they’re not able…  As long as you are kind to people and pay it forward with all of your blessings – you can do whatever, because little girl, you are unstoppable.”


– Kimberly Reed

American Cancer Society: Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk New Jersey with 15,000 in attendance - Kimberly S. Reed, 2019 Survivor Speaker 

Kimberly talks about her hero, her journey and the most difficult and life changing moment in time.

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Every year 6abc celebrates the region's best of the class. Each
year, the day is filled with expert advice and networking at Adventure Aquarium in

Watch an excerpt from Kimberly S. Reed’s Best of the Class Special on 6ABC

My Heart Shattered

We must stay hungry for justice.

Be KIMpowered! 


are KIMtastic!

Kimberly has developed a reputation as having one of the most distinct and powerful voices on the lecture circuit.  Her lioness tone and inspiring sincerity KIMPowers™ thousands every year and her topics have significant range from spirituality – personal – professional. 


To book Kimberly, please fill out the inquiry form below and a team member will respond shortly.

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The life events that unfold for Kimberly S. Reed in the book Optimists Always Win! Moving from Defeat to Life’s C-Suite will do just that—challenge anyone facing what seems to be an impossible situation and show that victory is absolutely possible. Kimberly S. Reed’s heroic battle with her mother’s illness and sudden loss as well as her subsequent sickness will encourage others that one doesn’t have to face adversity with pessimism or hopelessness. 

There is another way, a better, counterintuitive way.  Relying heavily on the optimism that she learned to cultivate, Kimberly S. Reed teaches her readers the 10 discouragement eliminators she used which helped her succeed not just in her fight against cancer but as she lives each day as her best self.

The message of Optimists Always Win! Moving from Defeat to Life’s C-Suite is simple: difficulties and struggles are unavoidable in life, but a person has complete control over one’s personal response to the situation. Responding with optimism for both the challenges and blessings is often easier said than done; yet Kimberly S. Reed’s ability to handle extremely adverse, grim and devastating challenges with optimism is a glimmering light to anyone suffering in an extremely dark place. Using the lessons she learned from her beloved mother, Kimberly wants to share with readers simple truths to help them live optimistically and victoriously so they can unlock and reach their own life’s C-Suite.

Now Available

The book is available on AMAZON, Barnes & Noble and Simon & Schuster and more! Also available as an audiobook on Amazon! 

All book royalties/proceeds are being donated to the Abramson Cancer Center - Penn Medicine: Penn Medicine's Abramson Cancer Center is a world leader in patient care, cancer research and education.

21 Days of Optimism, a new video series of motivational talks and interviews from an expert panel of inspirational leaders from around the country. Each of whom will share their tips for overcoming deep adversity they have faced in their own lives.


To learn more about the 21 Days of Optimism and subscribe for free at the Optimists Always Win! YouTube Channel, please click on

Can You Be Optimistic for 21 Days? 

I think you can! I know you can! 

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