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Below are examples of sessions and keynotes Kimberly conducts that include first-hand experience and storytelling, creativity in ideas and application, and memorable lessons.

Kimberly’s keynotes also disrupt cultures for growth and success and have transformed the mindsets of thousands across the globe.
Additional topics include:

Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Belonging Requires Authentic and Innovative Leadership

If leadership is about getting results through people, authentic leaders will be successful every time! Authentic leaders consciously create and foster genuine connections with others, and they are committed to building trust, optimism, hope, and commitment within their teams.


In this interactive and energetic keynote or workshop, leaders will learn tips and techniques to leverage the power of leading with authenticity and integrity to foster greater employee engagement, DEIB and sustain an environment where everyone feels they can succeed and thrive.

The Evolution of DEI and “B” — What it means to our Nation and the Workplace

We all know that the world is becoming more diverse. Consider that post-millennial generations entering the workforce will be the most diverse in history, according to research from the Pew Research Center. Given this reality, many organizations want to proactively leverage the power and benefits of a diverse workforce.  During this keynote/session, we are going “back to the basics” and learn more about diversity, equality/equity, inclusion and belonging, and how incorporating these important concepts into your day-to-day life and professionally, everyone in your organization and ultimately creates a culture where everyone can succeed.

The future of work will require us to educate ourselves, adopt more innovative approaches to sustaining a culture of inclusivity and diversity.


Cutting-Edge Training and Development

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