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Marques’ ability to ‘Create Separation’ is the driving force behind his seemingly unattainable achievements — personally and professionally. This mindset and methodology allowed him to create uniquely differentiated value that has fueled his journey as an unlikely NFL superstar and Superbowl Champion, owner, partner, consultant, and strategic advisor to dozens of businesses and organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 100 corporations.He launched Marques Colston Enterprises (MCE), an executive coaching and performance consulting firm empowering growth-minded athletes, entrepreneurs, and business leaders to challenge the status quo to create sustainable professional success.Seeing an opportunity to make executive coaching more accessible, Marques leveraged his diverse professional experience with his game changing methodology, to create Separation Playbook, a personal and professional development platform that delivers tools, insights, and resources to help traditionally underestimated and undervalued professionals. The platform is designed to help them unlock new creativity and possibilities in order to experience sustainable professional growth and success.Shift your thinking. Develop strategies. Achieve sustainable success.

Marques Colston

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