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A business and people performance company that specializes in winning strategies


Reed Development Group provides industry-leading solutions in the areas of diversity and inclusion strategy, leadership, and business and people development for clients representing all business sectors. We specialize in customized, results-oriented strategies that are designed to educate, revitalize, empower and innovate.

We are an ambassador of your organizationís brand. We are committed to telling your personal and/or organizationís story with integrity, and an unrelenting focus on strategic and tactical principles with results.

Our Business Principles

We believe the nature of competition has changed and continues to change worldwide. In efforts to keep and increase market share, companies customize products and services to meet the diverse need of their customers. Companies increasingly are seeing the linear relationship that exists between customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and employee effectiveness.

One of our imperatives is we truly partner with organizations to develop their businesses and people, rather than provide consultation and move on to the next project. We fully understand your business model and objectives, we infuse ourselves in the DNA of your organization, and we execute!

Importantly, the changes required to meet the new global economy are structural, and entail adjustments to the corporate environment, the organizational structure, and management practices. RDG understands, adjusts and evolves as well ó flexibility is the key.